Why Pay for an Art or Antiques Valuation?

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Anyone that has been in need of an art appraisal or antiques valuation has surely asked the question why pay when it is so easy to get a free valuation instead?

It is up to the individual, of course, whether one uses a paid art and antiques appraisal service or a free one. Most often the type of object or reason for the valuation will determine the extent of the valuation needed. However there are some differences between the two that are worth considering before making a decision.

Free art valuations are often a platform set up to entice one into additional services such as selling at auction or on to a dealer. While they can be useful to gauge an approximate value of an item they often lack the correct, researched information and value that one would expect from a professional specialist in their field. In other words free valuations are often quick off the cuff determinations given with an alternative motive for generating additional business for the ‘valuer’. This can often lead to an item being undervalued. 

Alternatively items can be overvalued as a free valuation service could be used as a platform to sell insurance at higher premiums. The higher the insurance premium, the greater the commission from managing the insurance on your behalf. 

By paying a modest fee for an art or antiques valuation, a paid appraisal service offers an impartial value by an expert knowledgable in the field that is specific to that object. Insurance companies will only accept professional valuations where the appraiser is impartial or the valuation has been transactional. The valuer must have no vested interest in the piece and not stand to benefit by manipulating the value in any way. 

Free valuations can often take a considerable amount of time to receive or may not even materialise after being requested. When paying for a service one can expect a timeous and courteous transaction.

Here at iValuations you’ll find experts in over 50 categories of art, antiques and collectibles that give professional, affordable and in-depth valuation reports in a timeous and easy to use manner.

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