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Online valuations of your art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles .


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How does it work?

iValuations provides expert written online valuation reports in over 50 categories of art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles within 24/48 hours. Merging the art of appraisal with technology!

By uploading images of your item, and answering a few simple questions, through our easy-to-use online submissions form we provide you with a fast, accurate and affordable written valuation report. See our pricing page for our competitive rates.

We consolidate an expert team of international specialists who have decades of experience in their chosen fields to ensure your particular item gets the correct and knowledgeable attention that it deserves.

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Whether it be it for insurance, asset management, estate planning or just curiosity iValuations can provide you with the swift and correct information that you need.

In addition to valuing single objects and smaller collections, iValuations offer a special tailored service for larger collections. This will be of particular interest to museums, insurance companies and galleries.

For more information on how it all works, and answers to possible questions, please check out our FAQ page.

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What do we value?

We value art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles in over 50 categories

with dedicated experts in each field.

What our clients say:

"Excellent, responsive and very professional."


Nina de Klerk

"Great service, well priced and very detailed feed-back. Would highly recommend."


Daniel van Dalen

"Thank you for easy use of the website. Well done to the team for prompt services and detailed, informative valuation certificate. I will make use of them again in the near future. "


Anne-Marie Proper


"The service is very good and trustworthy. I needed assistance with values of antiquities of a  friend to advertise on Gumtree and Tim gave me immediately his opinion after which I also ordered a certificate valuation which was in my inbox the next day. This timely valuable service saved me in both instances from vital mistakes. iValuations is 100% recommended!"


Petronella du Toit

Why have a valuation?



Family Division


Asset Management

Buying Advice

Estate Planning

What do you get?

Receive an expert online appraisal and PDF valuation report emailed to you within 24/48 hours containing a detailed description of your item, a fair market value and an insurance replacement value.

ARTICLE | 12 SEPT 2023

When it comes to valuing art, antiques or collectibles, the words valuation, evaluation and appraisal are often thrown about interchangeably.

In casual discussions they are often generally accepted as meaning the same thing.

However, when valuing high worth items it is important to acknowledge their definitions as there are vital differences in their methodology and legal standing.

While the interpretation of these words can be a bit open depending on who you speak to, we at iValuations use them as such:


This word pertains to what a valuer is doing when looking at an item, which is evaluating it. They will normally begin with a quick assessment of the item, and decide whether it is worth continuing onto the valuation process...CONTINUE READING...


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