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Valuing art

Valuation or Evaluation or Appraisal – is there a difference? 

12 September 2023

When it comes to valuing art, antiques or collectibles, the words valuation, evaluation and appraisal are often thrown about interchangeably.  In casual discussions they are often generally accepted as meaning the same thing. However,…

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Antique map of Northern Europe by Gerard de Jode, 1593.

Antique Maps: An Expert Guide

5 July 2023

While nobody can say when the very first map was produced, it can be said however, that as soon as humankind discovered writing, or the use of symbols, that they were put to use…

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Antique English longcase dials

Antique English Clocks: An Expert Guide

9 June 2023

Every clockmaking county has had its turn to shine with the creation of these mechanical timekeepers. From ancient Greece, with the Antikythera mechanism, to eleventh century China with Su Yong’s water-powered clock, 15th century…

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Collection of Antique Snuff Boes

Antique Snuff Boxes: An Expert Guide

16 February 2023

Snuff is a type of finely ground, or powdered, tobacco that is sniffed (snuffed) through the nose. It has been used for centuries as a form of nicotine delivery as well as a social…

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Inking a steel plate for printing.

10 Types of Art Print Edition Terms

6 February 2023

When examining a limited fine art print you should notice an edition number, something like 5/25 or V/XXV for example, normally written in the margin in pencil. However there might be other acronyms instead…

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Four pieces of silverware created by a family of silversmiths in London, the Batemans. From left to right, these items are a hot water urn, a teapot, a creamer, and a hot water jug. The teapot was crafted by Peter and Ann Bateman, while Hester Bateman made the other three.

How to Identify British Antique Silver & Plate

20 January 2023

Antique silver and its plated counterparts come in many guises. What is sterling silver? What is the difference between Old Sheffield Plate and Sheffield Plated? Is white metal, silver? How can I tell if…

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Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890), Wheat Field with Cypresses, oil on canvas, 1889.

16 Art Mediums to Know

5 January 2023

What is an art medium? The ‘medium’ simply refers to what material is used to create, or construct, the artwork. To understand art, and thus appreciate it better, one needs to know what it…

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Antique French Carriage Clocks: An Expert Guide

French Carriage Clocks: An Expert Guide

25 November 2022

In a blog article from earlier this year, Expert Guide to Antique French Clocks, I gave a general overview of the different types of antique French clocks that one might encounter. This article aims…

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How to sell your antiques

How to Sell an Antique

17 October 2022

Here at iValuations we are often asked how to go about selling antiques or collectibles. As a rule we don’t get involved with any buying or selling as we believe it creates a conflict…

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Expert Guide to Antique French Clocks

Expert Guide to Antique French Clocks

20 May 2022

If your interests extend to clock collecting there is no doubt that you are going to come across countless examples of French clocks. They can be found almost everywhere, and in a huge array…

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